First check the depth of your reveal and make sure you have at least 60mm, allowing for any obstacles like window transoms or winder handles.

If you have at least 60mm of unobstructed depth, you can use a Z-Frame which tucks nicely inside the window recess with a neat profile that suits any window.

Take three width measurements from the inside edge of your window opening, one at the top, one at the middle, and one at the bottom. We need multiple measurements to check if the opening is square.

Take another three measurements for your height. Then when you confirm your measurements with us, give us the smallest measurements and we’ll make deductions to allow the frame to slide snug in your window recess.

If you have less than 60mm of unobstructed depth, you’ll need to face fit, which can be done with a Face Fit Frame that fits on your architrave or around your window. You still need to take three measurements for height and three measurements for width, but for face fit you measure to the outside edge of where your shutter frame needs to sit and when you confirm your measurements with us, give us the largest measurements and we’ll provide exact to that size.

Finally, if your shutters are over 1500mm tall, they will need a mid-rail for panel strength. We recommend choosing a height that suits and rails in your window.