Installation Instructions

If you are looking for inspiration, or examples of how a quality plantation shutter might complement your home’s setting, check out the examples bellow. Please note that for some installations types, like sliding, bi-fold or bay windows, you will need to contact our customer support team to find a solution.

Step 1. Your delivery has arrived

Your brand new Aussie Made shutters will arrive bubble wrapped, labelled with your job name and some information for which parts apply to which window opening.

Unwrap your frames one opening at a time, and if you have any T-Post in the opening, you can take screws out of your kitbag.

Step 2. Assemble your frame

Your frames will be labelled with pencil inside each corner, so you can lay them out of the floor ready for assembly. The hinged frames will always be your left and right sides and if you do have any T-Posts you can lay them in position.

The corners are mitred and will have hoffman keys fitted. Slide all four corners together.

If you have a T-Post, you’ll find a predrilled hole in the top and bottom frames, you can feed a screw through and line it up with the predrilled hole in the T-Post.

Complete this process with any remaining T-Post fixing points, then your frame is ready to install on the window.

It helps if you drill a pilot hole while the frame is still laying flat and start a screw to suit your application.

Step 3. Fix your frames and add your panels

Now lift your frame up and shuffle it into place, then fix off using the screw you just positioned on the floor.

Take this opportunity to check your frame is level and square before proceeding, then once you’re happy, add more fixings around the opening until secure.

Then unwrap your panels and lift them into place; you’ll need a pin from your kit bag for each hinge on the panel. Once your pins are in, your panels are hung and you install is complete!

Note: if this were a face fit install, the process is the same, but you fix through the face of the frame instead of the reveal and push in the front strip to hide the screw heads.