Whether you are a homeowner or apartment dweller, everyone needs a basic household tool kit, particularly if you are a DIY fan! If you plan to make some DIY home improvements, a good place to start is preparing your tools. We recommend your essential toolkit have the following pieces of equipment to make sure you are covering all bases to save you time and money in the long run! (Hint- screenshot this if you're on the way to your local hardware store to use it as a list!) -Tape measure -Screwdrivers -Pliers -Level -Hammer -Vice grip pliers -Assortment of nails and screws -Led Pencils -Wire cutters -Pencils -Painters Tape -Drill -Solvents Tape Measure It might seem like something you won't need if you are only doing basic DIY, but a 25-foot tape measure will come in very handy and be long enough to work for most jobs. Screwdrivers Essentially, you will need a good quality flathead and Philips head screwdriver. You can often get excellent value screwdriver packs that cover a range of different sizes and styles and come in surprisingly handy around the home. Pliers An assortment of pliers in various sizes will have you covered. You will find you use a needle nose set of pliers more frequently, but a solid pair of pliers will help if you ever need to remove nails or staples. Level There is nothing worse than getting to the end of a project and realising that something isn't straight. Save yourself the headache and get it right at an accurate level. Hammer A medium-weighted hammer should be a useful all-round tool for your at-home projects. If you are doing some more delicate jobs, it could also be worth investing in something smaller and vice versa for bigger jobs! An assortment of Nails and Screws Most hardware and home stores will have sets of nails and screws in various sizes. There's nothing worse than realising you haven't got the right sized screw/nail mid-project! Wire Cutters Wire cutters are essential and relatively self-explanatory. Cutting wire can be difficult, so you need the right tools to do it safely and correctly. Pencils Just in case you need to make marks on walls, wood and everything in between. A carpenters pencil is a thick led pencil that will be easily painted over or erased. Painters Tape If your DIY involves any painting, painters tape is an absolute must! Just make sure you are taking the painters tape off before the paint is dry for a crisp, clean line! Drill A drill will make your life a lot easier and save a lot of time! For even more convenience, opt for a wireless one! Solvent If you have any accidents, you'll want to know that you can quickly fix them. To remove scratches or sticky substances, paint smudges or tape residue solvents are your go-to "fix it" solution.